Lexii Dayne Independent Luxury Companion Australian Escort
Lexii Dayne Independent Luxury Companion Australian Escort

Lexii Dayne


I am so fascinated by the human body: the sensation of discovering a person's erogenous zones, the excitement of seeing your body react to a little kiss here, a little lick there, a suck of a nipple, a bite of a lip, each of which cause a feeling inside as though every last drop of blood is rushing to one part of your body, because on a primal level... every part of you wants me.


Now you have felt the seductive spell between us, show me that you can be as much the Warlock to my Witch. Seduce me into a deep physical, skin tingling display of a true man. A man who knows that the key to complete satisfaction is through the mutual giving of pleasure. 


I want you to experience a true sense of all encompassing passion. There is so much pleasure that we can share.


My lips are the true way to understand your body's needs. One of my most enjoyed moments of an encounter is to look up from below your waist and see pure ecstasy because you can feel, via your being that I truly want to feel every inch of you down my throat (Let’s be honest,

I’ll catch you grinning when I gag a little. Please don’t apologise or feel bad because I’m grinning too).


If you are one of the few truly blessed Gentlemen who's woman likes to share you with another, then this is as much a treat for me as it is for the both of you. I’m sure you will agree, there are just no words to accurately describe the softness, tenderness and delicious wetness of a woman.


So, if every day feels like groundhog day with your wife or partner, let me lead you through your needs and fantasies. Let me remind you that you are a sexual being and you deserve to be desired and have your interests treated as Moses did the 10 commandments. They too can change your world forever.


My sexual appetite and devotion to pleasuring others makes me irresistible to many.


I will show you what makes me the best there is.

Lexii Dayne Independent Luxury Companion Australian Escort





15 minutes BBBJ         $150

30 minutes BBBJ         $200

with CIM (extra $50 to swallow)


30 minutes                $280

1 hour                      $400

2 hours                     $650

3 hours                     $750

6 hours - overnight       $2000


30 minutes                $300

1 hour                      $450

2 hours                     $700

3 hours                     $800

6 hours - overnight       $2500

15 minutes anal only   $300

1 hour incl anal          $750

Couples                    $700


30 minutes                $350

1 hour                      $500

2 hours                     $700

3 hours                     $850

6 hours - overnight       $3000


30 minutes                $400

1 hour                      $550

2 hours                     $800

3 hours                     $900

6 hours - overnight       $3500

1 hour incl anal          $900

Couples                    $800

Social date                $150 per hour

Dinner date                $200 per hour

Fly me to you  - pricing & info upon request




All sex is protected. Cleanliness and hygiene is of utmost importance. You will be required to shower upon arrival. Rude and disrespectful behaviour is not tolerated and comes with consequences.



Lexxi met me at the door dressed in the shortest skirt I have ever seen, and her gorgeous tits were barley contained by her tiny top, I was instantly eager to get this underway!! I followed Lexii up the stairs, getting a proper view of her sexy legs. We enjoyed a quick kiss before I broke away for a shower.


When I returned we picked up from where we left off, with some DFK and heavy petting! Lexii has an awesome play room, fully lined with floor to celling mirrors, which were perfect as she knelt down in front of me and worked her magic, and boy does this girl know what she's doing. I lay back on the bed and continued to enjoy the show. Lexii was mixing up the tempo between full on deep throat, and tongue swirling around my throbbing knob. Lexxi said she would be happy to suck cock for an entire booking, and I believe her!!


Lexii continued to edge me over and over, knowing when to release the pressure as I was about to burst. Lexii had worked me into a frenzy, I flipped her onto her back and devoured her beautiful pierced pussy, it was a delight to enjoy and the feedback from Lexii was awesome. We moved though a number of positions, but it was all a bit of a blurr at this stage, before finishing off with a sensational BBBJ.


I'm looking forward to the next encounter with this lovely cock whisperer.


Lexii Dayne Independent Luxury Companion Australian Escort

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LEXII DAYNE  |  +61 439516022


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